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AG50 Axess Alert System

We are Agents for this start up alarm system which contains two passives, a main system box, and a siren on activation. Besides affordability a unique feature is the rapid response connectivity which does not involve a security Company if you wish.

On activation the system which contains a SIM card will notify up to 8 friends and neighbours via call or SMS. 
The reactive time therefore can be as close as your neighbour therefore reducing the time gap of response to just a look over the wall! 

The setup time can be immediate and you can be covered by tonight! There is a one off fee for installation and activation and then monthly payment for 2 years to pay off the cost of the alarm plus airtime for the SIM.

Check it out on www.axesstel.com


Other features are:

  • Remote Control Convenience
  • Emergency backup battery
  • Reliability
  • Setup time


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