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Diving Courses

The Course

We start in a heated pook once you have learnt about the equipment and how to operate it. These sessions teach you to relax and you start slowly at an easy pace to get used to the water and your surroundings.

In associations with these sessions you will have lectures (at the school) and knowledge reviews which you can do at your own pace at home. Your confidence will grow so finally we take you into open water and help you to enjoy what you have learnt.

Depending on your abilities a typical course which we run once a month will include the following:

  • A pack containing a manual, log book and DVD
  • Rental of all the gear you will need
  • Lectures to assist you in learning the knowledge reviews
  • Pool sessions in a shallow heated pool
  • Pool sessions in open water
  • Final evaluation

Scuba Diving opens up a whole new world of adventure

Trained by a Qualified PADI Instructor it is SAFE and FUN so enquire today.