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Teaching Courses

Basic Accounts Course

Target: At the end of this course you will be able to operate a set of books of accountsz
Duration: One day
Requirements: School grade 11 upwards

It is generally accepted that after leaving school there are many who do not understand the basic meaning of books of accounts.  This course will fill that gap so you can understand the meaning of “debtors”, “creditors”, and “general ledger”. This by no means is all and the fundamentals of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet will be shown to the students.  The feared words like VAT and PAYE will be explained in full along with other statutory “books” which are needed by a business. Following the course you may wish to proceed onto the Sage Once Accounting course which puts what has been learnt into a computer environment.

Sage One Accountancy Program

Target: At the end of this course you will be able to operate the Sage Accounting program in full
Duration: One day
Requirements: You must have an understanding of Accounts or have done the BZ Accounts course

We are certified advisors of the Sage One Accountancy program (Advisor number R418997) and will guide you through the program so that you will have the fundamentals to operate the program in the business environment.  You will learn how to do sales invoices, receipts and statements, record purchase invoices, inventory items, bank statements, and finally produce a profit and loss account and balance sheet to impress the boss!  The course fee will include a visit to your premises for 2 hours to ensure that setup is concluded properly giving you the confidence to proceed.  Telephonic support can be discussed if required.

Entrepreneur Course

Target: Many entrepreneurs have an idea for business but do not know how to turn this idea into a business proposition and business plan for financing (if required). This course covers this subject.
Duration: One day
Requirements: None

You have come up with a brilliant idea or you currently want to operate a business but do not know where to start.  Statutory requirements will be covered, how to set up a business, how to put your idea into action, and how much will it cost?  We cover cash flows and budgets which will develop into a business plan and which in turn can be used for the web site. How many people will be employed, how will they be employed?  What materials are required and how can they be sourced on what terms?  BEE certification will be required.  We will guide you along the way in this comprehensive course on a “start up” scenario.

Microsoft Excel – Beginners Course

Target: To grasp an understanding of Microsoft Excel
Duration: One day
Requirements: Grade 11 upwards

Microsoft Excel is one of the world’s finest “numbers” program yet many do not see the necessity to use it.  This course starts from opening windows to enabling the user to copy, edit, paste, to formulae’s and charts.  The course will include theory and practical work.

Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

Target: At the completion of this course you will be able to operate Excel in the workplace
Duration: One day
Requirements: An understanding of Microsoft Excel or completion of the Beginners course above

Revision of the beginners course is followed by formulae’s and functions.  The use of data tools, sorting and filtering is also covered.


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